Creating Boxing champions every day!

Creating Boxing champions every day!

The thought it all originated from

Every day we are faced with choices. And, for those who want to take care of our body, one of our decisions is to stay healthy and look after ourselves. However, it is hard to find devices in the gym that work on most muscles at the same time. Coordination and reflexes are even harder to improve in the closed space of infinite workout machines and you are left wondering if there is a better way.

In the boxing world it is the same. You get your usual punching bag or air punching exercises. The punchng gloveā€¦ But none of these make the whole of your body move. They are still-standing opponents that sway at best. But that is just not how real world works.

Passionate about boxing

Cicloop started out as a passion project. It was a bunch of men being tired of one-on-one training sessions being canceled because of the human factor. We all have emergencies and family matters. That is understandable. But, in our minds, there really had to be a better way to train in case such a situation occurred.

Nowadays we have the internet so it was not hard finding all the training options out there and testing them to check if they worked. Most did but did not bring you to that next level of real-life experiences. However, the boxing ball soon became one of our favorites. But it did not stop there.

Making the boxing ball famous

As people in the field, we saw the potential but did not think it was achievable without improvements. And, as the saying goes: if you want something done properly, do it yourself. So, we did.

The most obvious thing that needed improving was the security of the headband. You really do not want to stop and adjust it in the middle of a punch. Step by step we made our adjustments and came up with our own end product, after all, if not us, who else will bring the glory to the market?

Our product speaks to a wider audience. No longer are only a bunch of sweaty men considered. Boxing is a way of life that is not just sport. It can keep you safe, it keeps your body functioning like a well-oiled machine and it is a great way to let off steam. Therefore, everyone should be able to practice it, at least on a basic level. After all, America includes everyone and we were determined to represent our company as we represent our country!

A try to create what could benefit 8 billion people.

The boxing ball kit for absolute success

Boxing bags are great but do you know what is even better? Being prepared in real life. No one will stand and just let the punches roll in. You need a target that is as unpredictable as another human being. Our Cicloop boxing training kit provides you with just that.

There is always something an athlete needs and wants to improve. That one thing usually has a specific workout machine assigned to it. But the rest of your body is left behind while you train just one muscle group. That is why this set is your answer. It focuses on everything possible and needed in the ring. It is the closest thing you will get to a real-life practice session.

From a boxing enthusiast to a professional, this rig can help you in one way or another. It is unpredictable and beginners should start with caution, not to get punched in the face. Advanced professionals should keep in mind, there is always that unexpected surprise punch, so do not get cocky!

With this boxing ball that works on so many aspects of your health and athletic preparation, you can achieve absolute success. Train your punches every day and be prepared for anything that gets thrown at you!

Cicloop Boxing Ball


The boxing ball set is se4nt to you with three different balls for various difficulty levels. Start with the black ball if you are just getting a hang of the exercise tool. When the time comes, advance to the red ball that will challenge you a bit more. Finally, graduate to the 60 g yellow ball to bring your skill to that professional level.

Cicloop Hands Wraps


Unlike the usual system of Velcro attachment from the ball to the headband, our punching balls elastic cord is attached to the headband through a metal ring encased in soft silicone. That, in turn, provides you with a longer-lasting product.

Cicloop Boxing Wraps


Not only do you receive the boxing balls and their attachments, we have also included a special gift in the kit. Yes, it is a kit! Your additional items are two high-end boxing hand wraps for the ultimate experience. They protect your hands from the hardest of punches.

The way to go in the boxing ring

For agility in the ring. For sharp reflexes during a fight. For never-failing coordination every day. Be prepared at every stage in your life. Slay the competition and stay on top of your game at all times!

Cicloop Boxing Ball

Get the range

What do you want to get out of any sports equipment? The answer is "range". There are no downsides to always striving for the best and that is what we offer you: constant improvement!

Cicloop Hands Wraps

Get motivated

Improve your punches! Train your precision! Be sure to see it coming! Have a new challenge! No matter who you are and what is your motivation, this rig is for you.

Cicloop Boxing Wraps

Get your gear

So slide over to check out our kit for boxing. Put on the hand wraps, get in your zone and make sure to punch smart and strong! Because that is the Cicloop way.

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